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Famous for Aquarium, Ashram, Beach

Ideal Duration 1 - 2 Days

Best time Jan, feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, jul, Aug, Sep, oct, Nov, Dec

Activities To Do In Varkala

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10 Sightseeing Varkala, Aquarium, Ashram, Beach,

33 Restaurant Types International, International

Varkala is under Varkala police ward. Varkala is likewise celebrated for the 2,018-year-old Janardana Swami Temple which is a significant Vaishnavaite altar in India and is regularly alluded to as Dakshin Kashi (Benares of the South).

In case you are a first time traveling to Varkala, you may lean toward an increasingly touristy territory. A few areas have bunches of activities within short distance, yet the lodgings might be progressively costly. Depending on the neighborhood you select, you'll need to analysis hotels within the area.

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Q:What are Places to Visit, Things, and Activities To Do in Varkala?

A: Varkala offers splendiferous sightseeing not limited to Aquarium, Ashram, Beach, Fort, Hindu Temple, Island, .

Q: What is a best and decent time to go to Varkala?

A: Plan your outing during best season to encounter the best of this dazzling destination in the month of Jan, feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, jul, Aug, Sep, oct, Nov, Dec.

Q: How long are required to visit every one of the spots in Varkala?

A: 1 - 2 days are adequate to visit Varkala.

Q:Can I see snow in Varkala?

A: Yes.

Q:What type of food available in Varkala?

A: International, Multicuisine, South Indian.

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natural attractions .

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