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Ideal Duration 1 - 2 Days

Best time Oct , Mar

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3 Sightseeing Patan, Historic Site, Jain Temple, Workshop,

2 Restaurant Types Gujarati, Indian

Lalitpur Metropolitan City (Nepali. ??????? ????????????), verifiably Patan (Sanskrit. ???? Patan, Newari. ?? Yala, Nepali. ???? ), is the third biggest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara and it is situated in the south-focal piece of Kathmandu Valley which is another metropolitan city of Nepal.

In case you are a first time traveling to Patan, you may lean toward an increasingly touristy territory. A few areas have bunches of activities within short distance, yet the lodgings might be progressively costly. Depending on the neighborhood you select, you'll need to analysis hotels within the area.

Patanis a city in Chavda territory, northeastern Gujarat, built up by a Vanaraja lord in the eighth century AD. The settlement was under the standard of the old Osman, and the Arabic domains, with its further improvement as a focal point of exchange and trade. Today, it is additionally an imperative instructive spot, with an expansive college and a couple of good universities situated there. The spots to see incorporate an old fortification, an old city entryway, nearby sanctuaries, markets, squares, and shopping areas.

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Q:What are Places to Visit, Things, and Activities To Do in Patan?

A: Patan offers splendiferous sightseeing not limited to Historic Site, Jain Temple, Workshop, .

Q: What is a best and decent time to go to Patan?

A: Plan your outing during best season to encounter the best of this dazzling destination in the month of Oct , Mar.

Q: How long are required to visit every one of the spots in Patan?

A: 1 - 2 days are adequate to visit Patan.

Q:Can I see snow in Patan?

A: Yes.

Q:What type of food available in Patan?

A: Gujarati, Indian.

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1. Ahmedabad, India

Distance Patan To Ahmedabad : 105 KM

Fort, Historic Building, Historic Site .

2. Ahmedabad, Nepal

Distance Patan To Ahmedabad : 105 KM

Fort, Historic Building, Historic Site .

3. Bhuj, India

Distance Patan To Bhuj : 266 KM

Business Town .

4. Bhuj, Nepal

Distance Patan To Bhuj : 266 KM

Business Town .

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