Cameron Street Bridge


Cameron Street Bridge is situated in the Prince George, Canada and is around 2.01 KM from Prince George.


There are numerous mind blowing places that exist in Prince George close to Cameron Street Bridge that you should pursue as a bona fide explorer. Indeed, aside from the Cameron Street Bridge, Prince George brags of various landmarks and spots to visit that are very sublime in their very own privilege and merit visiting.

Nearby Places to See

The vast majority of the glories are found from Prince George within 30-50 KM.

1. Bednesti Park Park

Distance: 3.54 KM from city

2. Bob Martin Park Park

Distance: 2.81 KM from city

3. Brigade Park Park

Distance: 3.5 KM from city

4. Byng Park Park

Distance: 3.19 KM from city

5. Carney Hill Mountain

Distance: 2.1 KM from city

6. Carrie Jane Gray Park Park

Distance: 2.01 KM from city

7. Clapperton Park Park

Distance: 2.42 KM from city

8. College Of New Caledonia University

Distance: 2.5 KM from city

9. Community Foundation Park Park

Distance: 0.07 KM from city

10. Connaught Hill Park

Distance: 0.32 KM from city

11. Cottonwood Island Park Park

Distance: 1.52 KM from city

12. Duchess Park Park

Distance: 0.98 KM from city

13. Elroy Garden Park Park

Distance: 2.08 KM from city

14. Freeman Park Park

Distance: 1.89 KM from city

15. Gordon Bryant Park Park

Distance: 3.68 KM from city

16. Hammond Park Park

Distance: 2.38 KM from city

17. Harry Loder Park Park

Distance: 2.73 KM from city

18. Hudson'S Bay Wetland Nature Park Park

Distance: 1.38 KM from city

19. Ingledew Park Park

Distance: 0.67 KM from city

20. Jasper Park Park

Distance: 1.74 KM from city

21. Lakewood Park Park

Distance: 3.39 KM from city

22. Lheidli T'Enneh Memorial Park Park

Distance: 1.15 KM from city

23. Lorne Park Park

Distance: 3.03 KM from city

24. Mcmillan Creek Regional Park Park

Distance: 2.37 KM from city

25. Mcmillan Creek Trail Park

Distance: 2.04 KM from city

26. Millennium Park Park

Distance: 0.57 KM from city

27. Mr. P. G. Statue

Distance: 2.36 KM from city

28. Mr. Pg Sight

Distance: 2.51 KM from city

29. Paddlewheel Park Park

Distance: 1.76 KM from city

30. Perry Park Park

Distance: 2.86 KM from city

31. Prince George City Hall City Hall

Distance: 0.12 KM from city

32. Prince George Civic Centre Sight

Distance: 0.2 KM from city

33. Prince George Cnr Bridge Bridge

Distance: 1.86 KM from city

34. Prince George Courthouse Sight

Distance: 0.44 KM from city

35. Prince George Golf & Curling Club Sight

Distance: 2.53 KM from city

36. Prince George Hospice Society Sight

Distance: 2.75 KM from city

37. Prince George Public Library Library

Distance: 0.28 KM from city

38. Prince George Symphony Orchestra Music Venue

Distance: 1.96 KM from city

39. Quinson Park Park

Distance: 3.37 KM from city

40. Railway & Forestry Museum Museums

Distance: 1.31 KM from city

41. Rainbow Park Park

Distance: 3.03 KM from city

42. Regional District Of Fraser Fort George City Hall

Distance: 0.54 KM from city

43. Regional District Of Fraser-Fort George Neighbourhood

Distance: 1.58 KM from city

44. Seymour Park Park

Distance: 1.75 KM from city

45. Simon Fraser Bridge Bridge

Distance: 2.57 KM from city

46. Sintich Trailer Park Park

Distance: 6.98 KM from city

47. South Fort George Neighbourhood

Distance: 1.89 KM from city

48. The Exploration Place Museums

Distance: 1.16 KM from city

49. The Prince George Playhouse Theatre

Distance: 2.44 KM from city

50. Two Rivers Art Gallery: Museums

Distance: 0.19 KM from city

51. Vanier Hall Theatre

Distance: 2.46 KM from city

52. Veterans Plaza Park

Distance: 0.11 KM from city

53. Watrous Park Park

Distance: 1.5 KM from city

54. Yellowhead Bridge Bridge

Distance: 1.56 KM from city

55. Ymca Of Northern Bc Sight

Distance: 1.97 KM from city